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We are living longer - thank you, but can we afford it?

Date: 25. - 25.03.2024 18.00 - 19.30

On March 3, 2024, we in Switzerland will vote on two initiatives that affect our retirement provision: the one calling for a 13th AHV pension and the Young Liberals' initiative for a gradual increase in the retirement age. Whatever the outcome of the vote, the issue will not be off the table - and the discussion will continue! And we will take part in it.

With today's event, we therefore want to continue the topic and take a closer look at occupational pensions in particular. For our event, we have been able to win over a person who is very knowledgeable and an expert in this field: Andreas Christen (photo) is Senior Researcher Pensions at the insurance group Swiss Life AG, i.e. head of studies for this topic. In his studies, he continuously examines the situation and facts about the financial situation of pensioners in Switzerland.

However, his focus is not just on AHV or the pension fund, but on the entire three-pillar system of Swiss pension provision. We will talk to him about the following questions and topics, among others: How are pensioners doing in our country? How self-determined are they? What are the advantages of the three-pillar system and what are its challenges? Which people's pension provision (via the second pillar) is not well secured? What needs to be done? What about working beyond retirement age? Is this desirable and should it be encouraged? Where are the obstacles? What incentives can be created - for employees and employers?

Administrative notes

  • Cost (per person):
    Talk for non-members: CHF 30.--; discount for students and trainees (only with valid ID): CHF 10.--; optional dinner (3 courses incl. wine): CHF 50.--
    Talk for membership sponsor and friend: free of charge; optional dinner (3-course incl. wine): CHF 50.--

  • Registration deadline: March 22, 2024

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